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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
Baldeschweiler Andrew 30 Dec 1898 30 Dec 1898, p 5 Report of death at the family residence in San Patricio.
Baldoramos wife of Joe 29 Sep 1893, p 6 "While a Mexican woman,…was ironing at her home on the Hill Saturday, her clothes caught fire and before the flames were extinguished her body was badly burned. Medical aid was at once called in and at last accounts the unfortunate woman was getting along as well as could be expected under the circumstances."
Baldwin Jennie G. 13 Apr 1887 16 Apr 1887, p 5 52y 8m In CC. Wife of V. W. Baldwin, of New York. "She left her delightful home at Kingsland, a suburb of New York, about the first of March last, to accompany her husband to Corpus Christi, in the hope that the change of climate and scene would at least check what seemed to be a fatal disease ……. Towards the last she declined rapidly……. Born in Martinsburg, Lewis, New York, on June 19, 1834. Married Vincent W. Baldwin, July 10, 1854, in New York. Had 2 children. Episcopalian. Buried in New York.
Ballinger Judge W. P. 29 Jan 1888 4 Feb 1888, p 4 In Galveston, at his home.
Bancroft E. L. 30 Aug 1892 2 Sep 1892, p 1 In San Antonio. General agent of the Cotton Belt railroad. "… committed suicide here to-day by shooting his brains out with a small calibre (sic) revolver in the presence of his wife. Mr. Bancroft had been ill for some time and it is supposed he was laboring under mental aberration when he committed the rash deed."
Baptiste Pancho 3 Mar 1892 4 Mar 1892 16y Accidental shooting by his own brother, 19-year-old Casimera Baptiste. They lived in the southern portion of CC. They were playing with what they thought was an unloaded pistol. Victim was shot in the head, died instantly.
Barclay Lee 22 Jul 1896 24 Jul 1896, p 4 about 30 y In Beeville, of rupture of the plural (sic) sack, caused by a severe coughing spell. Had lived in Beeville about 23 years, had a wife and child.
Barnard Henry 14 or 15 Aug 1903 28 Aug 1903, p 5 about 40y Died in Presidio County, Texas. Had previously lived in Corpus Christi. He was last seen alive on Friday, August 14th. An inquest into his death deter- mined that he had been thrown from his horse then dragged a long distance. Back was broken, one leg was broken, face was bruised and skinned. His body was found floating face down in the river four days later. By that time, his face had decomposed and his ears and nose were gone. He had a small store at the Haceindita near Marfa. Did a little farming and had cattle. Buried near Haceindita. "Henry Barnard was the son of James Barnard, Sr., a veteran of the Mexican was, who settled in Corpus Christi, Tex., at the close of that struggle and there reared a large family. Frank Barnard, the oldest son, is in Mexico connected with the auditing department of some railroad; Jim Barnard, the next oldest brother, is in the customs service somewhere on the lower Rio Grande; while Prentice, another brother and youngest of the family, is in the cattle business in Montana. The oldest daughter was married years ago to Calvin Brewster, who was then in the customs service at Laredo. There were three other sisters. One is now the wife of Judge Stanley Welch, now and for many years past district judge of the jurisdiction in which Corpus Christi is included. Mrs. Mary J. Buie, another sister, lives in San Antonio." He had learned the printing trade when his father published the old Corpus Christi Gazette.
Barnes Sarah A. 18 Jul 1887 23 Jul 1887, p 5 47y In CC., of heart disease. Wife of A. M. Barnes, a native of New York. Died at 2 p. m. and funeral was the same day.
Barnitz John 15 Jun 1893 25 Jun 1893, p 7 about 35y News item from Bonham, Texas, June 15: "A man named John Barnitz to-day placed his neck across the rail under a moving train on the Texas and Pacific and was killed. He arrived here last Tuesday morning from Carlisle, Pa., with his cousin, Jacob Barnitz. He had been employed as a clerk in one of the banks of that city for the past ten years and came out to this country for his health. He was at the depot as the train pulled out, and after taking a drink of water walked out beside the train as if going to get on, but as the last car passed he kneeled down and placed his neck across the rail just in front of the last pair of trucks, and before he could be reached his head was almost severed from his body. He was a single man about 35 years old. He left no letter of explanation, but it is supposed that bad health caused him to end his life. The remains will be sent to his father at Carlisle, Pa."
Barrera Ramon Guerrera "last week" 6 Jul 1884, p 5 "old" At Rancho San Antonio Veijo.
Barrera Vicenta 20 Feb 1903 27 Feb 1903, p 4 123y (sic) In CC, at the home of her great grandson. Born in Ximenes, Tamaulipas, Mexico, in 1780. Buried in Catholic cemetery. Her birth record had been found in the "record of the old Catholic church in Ximenes, Mexico."
Dreyer Mrs. Elizabeth M. 28 May 1886 4 Jul 1886, p 5 62y At Luzerne, Switzerland. Mother of M. H. and O. P. Dreyer of CC. From Freiberg, I. B. Funeral her residence on the lake, Villa Schonheim. Catholic mass.
Dreyfus Mrs. Maggie 13 Jun 1900 15 Jun 1900, p 8 34y Died in Galveston from morphine. Wife "of Julius Dreyfus, a traveling man of Galveston, died … at the family home, 1802 Twenty-second street."
Driscoll Mrs. Robert 26 May 1899, p 5 Died in London.
Driver Mrs. Frances 6 Jan 1899 13 Jan 1899, p 6 Died in Laredo of heart failure. Had been ill only 3 days. Musical director of the Laredo Seminary. Remains shipped to Stephensville for burial.
Duble H. N. "last week" 13 Apr 1884, p 1 Suicide by hanging,Pacific Hotel,Colorado City. Was a wealthy merchant from Galveston.
Duble Harry 27 Sep 1885 8 Nov 1885, p 8 In Galveston. "About 9 a. m., Thursday, while Mr. Harry Duble, a popular young man and a member of the Sealy rifles, was on his way to one of the ships at the Brick wharf to deliver a package of goods, he was killed by a bar of railroad iron falling on him, as he was passing close to where some men were unloading the iron. He was buried on Friday with military honors."
Dubose Thomas Turpin 19 Jul 1903 24 Jul 1903, p 5 22y Lived in Alice, Texas. He was a brakeman on a construction train. Died in a San Antonio hospital where he was taken after being injured on the train when 2 cars came uncoupled. Buried in Lagarto. Brother: Chas. B. Dubose.
Dugan John 18 Sep 1903 25 Sep 1903, p 8 50y 4m 23d Died in CC. From Baltimore county, MD. Died of an ear infection caused by la grippe. Came to CC in 1882. Worked for the Mexican national railroad as section foreman. Married Annie Zannie in CC on April 17, 1901. Left a wife, daughter, 2 sisters, one brother. After the obituary is a notation reading, "The day preceding Mr. Dugan's death a letter was received here announcing the sudden death of a brother in Baltimore a few days before - on the 10th inst."
Dugat Joseph L. 19 Jul 1884 3 Aug 1884, p 1 72 years Bee County.
Dugat Mrs. Sidney P. 13 Dec 1888 15 Dec 1888, p 4 In Beeville, at the home of her son, Maj. W. S. Dugat.
Dunlap John 30 Aug 1893 1 Sep 1893, p 1 News item from McKinney, Texas, August 30: "John Dunlap, a laborer, was accidentally killed this evening at the Burgher gin in this city. While working with a belt his clothes came in contact with a rapidly revolving shaft. In an instant his body was torn into pieces and shreds. The sight was ghastly in the extreme. A few feet from the rod a hand lay amputated at the wrist. Various other pieces of the body lay around the room. The brains of the unfortunate man were thrown in every direction and lodged on the rods and walls of the building. His teeth and tongue hung against the walls; a huge mass of flesh, bones and clothing remained clogged around the shaft. Hundreds of persons could not bear the sight and turned away. The victim was a young married man whose home was just across the street from the gin. The young wife, however down with grief, was prevented from witnessing the awful spectacle."
Dunn Agnes 22 Sep 1902 26 Sep 1902, p 5 12y Youngest daughter of Nicholas Dunn. Died in San Antonio of appendicitis. Buried in family burial ground in Skidmore.
Dunn Bridget 6 Sep 1885 13 Sep 1885, p 5 30y 7m 4d In Nueces County, near CC. Of consumption. Daughter of Patrick Dunn. Catholic. Native of Ireland. Had come to the US 15 years previous.