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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
White A. 9 Sep 1900 14 Sep 1900, p 5 about 40y "A gentleman by the name of A. White came to Corpus Christi last April from Clarendon, Arkansas, nearly dead with consumption. After remaining here a few weeks he commenced to improve. In July he looked almost like a new man, when he returned to his home. He hardly had been there a week when his cough commenced and nearly died before he could get away. He returned to Corpus Christi last month more dead than alive, in hopes that he would improve, but alas! it was too late. On Sunday evening at 9:30 o'clock, Mr. White who was aged about forty years, died, and next day his remains were buried in the new cemetery, the burial services being conducted by Rev. Mr. Chandler. Deceased was an elder in the Prebyterian church."
White Howard 25 Dec 1902 2 Jan 1903, p 5 In Temple, Texas, at the King's Daughter's hospital, of typhoid fever. Had lived in Corpus Christi at one time.
White James Edwin 17 May 1887 21 May 1887, p 5 Infant In CC, Tuesday, May 17, 1887, at 1:30 p. m. Infant son of Francis and J.H.C. White. Born March 24, 1887. Funeral Wednesday May 18.
White Mrs. R. R. 23 Feb 1902 28 Feb 1902, p 5 Died in Temple, of heart failure.
Whitfield Annie E. 21 Jan 1901 1 Feb 1901, p 4 Died in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Wife of Dr. A. J. Whitfield. The couple had visited in CC "last December" and stayed at Mrs. Merriman's, "for the benefit of the doctor's health, which was poor. Mrs. Whitfield was the picture of health and no one had the slightest idea of her dying before the doctor. She was a fine performer on the piano…"
Wickland Charles 12 May 1883 20 May 1883, p 2 Murdered at a railroad grading camp at Monterey, Mexico.
Willenberg Mr. A. E. 4 Sep 1888 8 Sep 1888, p 5 53y In CC, of cancer of the stomach. He was from LaGrange. "Deceased came to this city about three weeks a go from San Antonio, where he had been to consult Dr. Herff. He took a room in the large building rear of P. R. Mitchell's, where he continued to grow worse, when Mr. Mitchell telegraphed for Mrs. Willenberg, who arrived last Saturday night, accompanied by a daughter. Wednesday morning the remains were taken to the Aransas Pass depot, accompanied by a representation of the Knights of Honor and Masons (of which orders he was a member) and shipped to his home. Mr. Willenberg was also a Knight of Labor and a prosperous merchant and heavy real estate owner in his county. He leaves a wife and six children to mourn his loss."
Williams Joseph Francis 15 Dec 1901 20 Dec 1901, p 5 3y 2m 9d Eldest son of Thos. Z. and Carrie L. Williams.
Willis Mr. J. S. 3 Oct 1891 10 Oct 1891, p 6 about 27 y In CC, of diarrhoea. Native of Clarksville, Ark. Had come to CC the previous January from Bryan. Worked at Mr. Blanton's store on Mesquite street. Baptist. Had a father, possibly, in Western Grove, Ark.
Wilmot James 12 Nov 1899 17 Nov 1899, p 3 about 26y Of San Antonio. Died in CC of tuberculosis. son of George Wilmot of CC. Pulman conductor in Mexico for 10 years. Buried in San Antonio. Left a wife and one child, parents, brothers and sisters. Brother-in-law and sister: Mr. and Mrs. Wolff Karp. One of his sisters was Adelaide Wilmot.
Wilson F. (?) B. 30 Nov 1884 7 Dec 1884, p 4 Entry at bottom of page, very faint, hard to read.
Wilson Mrs. G. H. M. 6 Sep 1893 8 Sep 1893, p 1 In Beeville. Wife Of Rev. G. H. M. Wilson, Baptist minister.
Wilson Martha A. 5 Oct 1885 11 Oct 1885, p 5 69y 6m 7d "At the residence of Henry Couling, on the Ramirena, Live Oak county … widow of U. B. Wilson, of Corpus Christi,… Mrs. Wilson was born March 29, 1815, in the State of Indiana, was raised in Kentucky and came to Texas in 1860."
Wilson Stafford 16 Jun 1899, p 5 about 23y Died in Monterey, Mexico. Had been employed by Carmen Morell Kenedy but the previous week, he had left CC to go to Monterey to work for the Mexican National railroad. Was killed while working as a breakman (sic), "getting his legs cut off between two cars." Had a brother named Joe Wilson.
Wimbish J. A. H. 30 Dec 1886 8 Jan 1887, p 8 "Robt Coleman shot and killed J. A. H. Coleman near Cuero on Dec. 30th. There were no witnesses to the killing which Coleman says was in self defense. Everybody don't believe Coleman however. The Star says: One of the sad results of the recent homicide in this county is the serious shock to the bereaved young widow. Mrs. Wimbish has been unconscious since Sunday noon, and at this writing her life is despaired of. Two little children are left fatherless."
Witten S. C. H. 2 Nov 1891 7 Nov 1891, p 6 72y 1m 2d "On Corpus Christi Cliffs, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. I. M. Masons." Was a native of Virginia. Came to CC in August 1890.
Woessner Fannie Blanche 11 Feb 1892 12 Feb 1892, p 5 52y 29d At her home in CC; "palpitation of the heart." Widow of John Woessner. Four daughters: Mrs. D. McNeill Turner, Blanche Woessner, Fannie Woessner, all 3 of CC, Mrs. E. B. matlock of St. Louis. Two sons: Hon. John Woessner, U. S. Consul at Saltillo, Mexico and Walter Woessner of CC. Episcopal Church.
Woessner John 10 Sep 1884 14 Sep 1884, p 5 In CC. By suicide. Gunshot wound, Smith and Wesson. Merchant and banker. Born in Wartumberg, Germany in 1838. Son named Walter.
Wolf Louis 5 Sep 1891, p 5 2y Buried 3 September 1891.
Wolfram Anna Catherine 13 Mar 1884 16 Mar 1884, p 5 9 days Of tetanus. Infant daughter of Henry and Kate Wolfram.
Wolfram Martin J. 21 Jul 1887 23 Jul 1887, p 5 8m 24d In CC., infant son of H. M. and Kate Wolfram. Catholic funeral.
Wolfsdorff Rev. F. 20 Aug 1903 21 Aug 1903, p 5 29y Died in CC, of heart failure. Born in Germany. Was a Lutheran minister in Hallettsville. Had come to US in October, 1901. Buried in Hallettsville. Married.
Wood Julia 10 Aug 1903 14 Aug 1903, p 5 37y Died in CC. Native of Grayson county. Left behind a "sick husband and four children, aged respectively about 14, 12 and 8 years, and an infant of two weeks." Husband was a painter. Mrs. Wood's mother was in Oklahoma.
Woods Michael 20 Sep 1901 27 Sep 1901, p 2 In Del Rio, of stab wounds, self inflicted. See entry for Fosotte, Terea.
Woods W. A. 16 Mar 1884 23 Mar 1884, p 1 Near Denison; hit over the head by Mr. J.P. Loving with a stick and he bled to death. They had quarreled about a bushel of corn Mr. Loving had borrowed.