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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
Ziegler Jacob 29 Oct 1883 4 Nov 1883, p 5 73 yrs A Mason;leaves a widow;born Baden,Germany, Feb. 2, 1819. Came to US, 1851.
Yilda Flomene 1887 21 Jan 1888, p 5 97y Named in articles about births, deaths for 1887.
Wynne Mazie Vaughn 28 Feb 1902 7 Mar 1902, p 5 Died in Temple, Texas, of Bright's disease. Husband: Edward H. Wynne. Three children: F. W., R. W. , A. H. Her mother lived in California. Deceased had lived in CC at one time.
Wright Laura 16 Mar 1887 19 Mar 1887, p 5 In San Diego, Duval Co. Wife of Sheriff L. L. Wright & sister of R. R. Savage.
Wright Laura 26 Mar 1887, p 5 Memorial and brief biographical sketch by members of Presbyterian Church.
Wright Dr. L. B. 29 Feb 1892 4 Mar 1892, p 7 In San Diego, from "paralysis of the heart." Brother-in-law:Thos. Hickey. Physician at San Diego.
Wright Dr. L. B. 4 Mar 1892, p 8 Funeral took place from his home on March 1. Buried in Catholic Cemetery north of San Diego. Rev. J. A. Wright, Methodist minister, officiating.
Wright L. L. 11 Mar 1892, p 1 Ex-sheriff of Duval County. Had just returned to Silver City, New Mexico from attending his brother's (Dr. L. B. Wright) funeral in San Diego. Had been sheriff in Duval county for eight years.
Wright (female) 30 Oct 1886 7 Nov 1886, p 5 In Nueces County, of asthma. Obit dark and hard to read, is down into the binding. Buried in Banquete. Second wife of W. W. Wright.
Wright (male) 5 Aug 1892, p 1 infant News item from Banquete, Texas: "The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Wright was buried here Saturday evening."
Wright Calvin 12 Dec 1884 21 Dec 1884, p 5 68y 8m 12d At Lagarto. Of heart disease. Born in New York. Lived in Texas for forty years. Joined the Confederate Army.
Wright Elizabeth Maria Adams 9 Aug 1891 15 Aug 1891, p 5 In CC. Born Ipswich, England, August 29, 1844. Parents: Robert and Maria Adams. Came to CC, November, 1852. Married Thomas C. Wright, April 2, 1862.
Wright Elizabeth Maria Adams 15 Aug 1891, p 6 Episcopal Church. Buried in city cemetery.
Wright Frederick 5 Sep 1887 10 Sep 1887, p 5 9y Thrown from his horse at the Penitas. Son of George Wright. Buried in Nueces.
Wright Mrs. J. M. 28 Oct 1892 4 Nov 1892, p 7 San Diego, Texas. Buried at Realitos beside her daughter, Mrs. Vining.
Wright John H. 10 Dec 1899 15 Dec 1899, p 5 31y 9m 4d In Sabinal, Texas, of consumption. Son of George Wright. Born in Nuecestown. "At the time of his death he was a resident of Alice, where he had been the agent of the Alice & Brownsville stage line for Capt. Beynon for four years, also clerk for Merchant George Hobbs, afterward going into the commision business. In 1891 he married Miss Rachel Littig, of Corpus Christi." Buried in CC. Had a brother named Erwin Wright. Knights of Pythias. Episcopalian.
Wright Joseph, Sr. 25 Feb 1893 3 Mar 1893, p 6 92y 9m 24d In Driscoll, Texas. Father of T. C. Wright. "Mr. Wright was born May 1st 1800, in Franklin, Gloustershire, England, and emi- grated to this country forty years ago, arriving at Corpus Christi in January, 1853, with his family, consisting of his wife and nine children, settling at Nuecestown in this country where he resided until after the death of his wife 18 years ago, when he went to live with his son, Mr. T. C. Wright. A few months previous to the death of Mrs. Wright the aged couple celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage, surrounded by many of their children and children's children. "Mr. Wright had enjoyed good health, considering his age, until a few weeks ago, when he commenced to fail though he was stirring around two days before his death. His remains were brought to Corpus Christi last Saturday on the Texas- Mexican train by Mr. T. C. Wright and the funeral took place next morning at 9 o'clock from the Episcopal church, of which deceased was a strict member. Mr. Wright was the father of twelve children, seven of whom, three sons and four daughters, survive him namely: T. C. Wright, of Driscoll; Geo. Wright, of Mathis; Jos. Wright, of Nuecestown; Mrs. Wm. Hobbs, of Penitas, and Mrs. Crossley of Nuecestown. One daughter resides in California and another in the old country."
Wright Phillip Clark 16 Dec 1901 20 Dec 1901, p 5 5y In Banquete. Youngest son of C. C. Wright. "…the little fellow, who was in his sixth year, went out into the yard where a horse was eating some sorghum and caught him by the tail, when the animal suddenly kicked the boy in the stomach with both feet." Accident occurred on Sunday, he died Monday evening at 8 p.m. Buried in the family burial ground at Banquete.
Wright Seana Martha 14 Jan 1884 20 Jan 1884, p 5 3y 9mo 21d At Nueces, of membranous croup.
Wright Thos. C., Jr. 2 Nov 1902 7 Nov 1902, p 5 22y 6m 13d Died in Canadian, I. T. Died as result of injuries sustained in train wreck. Lengthy description of wreck and injuries and family.
Wreford Paul D. 9 Feb 1900, p 5 Drowned/died when the schooner McInnis wrecked near Brownsville.
Wreford Paul Dombrey 28 Jan 1900 9 Feb 1900, p 5 21y 9m 19d Obit. "Drowned in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Mexican coast … son of S. P. and L. E. Wreford of Brownsville, Texas." He was the oldest son, born in Houston. Had a sister and brother, a young wife, "nee Michel", and an infant daughter.
Wrather John Francis 13 Dec 1899 15 Dec 1899, p 5 19y In CC. Was an expected death, had been ill a long time. Born in CC Aug 21, 1880.
Wrather S. M. 25 Apr 1902, p 5 Funeral took place in Buck Grove, Kentucky.
Wrather William B. 15 Nov 1899 17 Nov 1899, p 3 72y In CC. Native of Bedford County, Virginia. Raised in Kentucky. Went to Calif. in 1852. Came to Texas in 1856. Purchased a ranch at Lagarto, Live Oak County. In 1859, joined Matt Nolan Rangers. Moved to CC in 1861, when he married Mary Woessner. Joined the confederate army, Capt. John Rabb's Company. "He leaves to mourn his loss besides his devoted wife, two sons and three daughters viz: George Wrather, Mrs. Wm. Anderson, Mrs. J. C. Clark, Miss Hettie Wrather, and Frank Wrather. He also leaves one brother, Sam Wrather, and one sister in Kentucky."