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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
Vela Yndalacio 21 May 1892 27 May 1892, p 6 Nine miles south of San Diego. Suicide with double-barrell shot gun.
Strickland Wm. T. 22 Apr 1901 26 Apr 1901,p 1 62y At San Diego. Uncle of Dr. Strickland. Body shipped to Waxahachie.
Rankin Wm. S. 29 Jun 1886 4 Jul 1886, p 5 4m 14d In CC., infant son of Wm. S. and L. C. Rankin.
Norton Wm. N. 5 Apr 1898 8 Apr 1898, p 8 "… of Dallas, a son of the late Judge A. B. Norton, and a vice president of the Republican league of Texas, committed suicide Tuesday."
Brown Wm. H. 30 May 1883 10 Jun 1883, p 1 Posse member shot by escapee at Salado
Kenner Wm. H. 23 Jun 1887 25 Jun 1887, p 5 42y In Laredo.
Putegnat Wm. H. 24 Jul 1884 3 Aug 1884, p 1 At Brownsvillle, of "complicated affection of the heart and lungs."
Crank Wm. F. 15 Feb 1883 18 Feb 1883, p 5 28 y In CC, of pneumonia.
Crowl Wm. "last week" 25 Apr 1891, p 4 "…lost his life in railroad service last week near Denison." This death is also mentioned in the previous week's paper on page 4.
Radeker Wm. 12 May 1885 17 May 1885, p 5 In Banquete. Attempted suicide by cutting both his wrists and throat.
Radeker Wm. 17 May 1885 24 May 1885, p 5 Died from self-inflicted wounds. Had acute heart disease and other illnesses.
Sullivan Wm. 17 Sep 1892 23 Sep 1892, p 1 News item from Navasota, Texas, September 20: "Saturday a negro, named Wm. Sullivan, stopped at a Polander's house near Plantersville, and finding no one but the wife at home overpowered and outraged her. He was taken before a justice, pleaded guilty and held for trial. Saturday night a mob, composed in the main of negroes, took Sullivan out and hanged him."
Ingram Wincie 18 Jan 1901 1 Feb 1901, p 7 6 months Died at Kenedy. Chlid of Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Ingram. Fell into the fire at their home after being placed in a chair in front of the fireplace and being left unattended.
Hamlin Willie Watson 19 Dec 1885 3 Jan 1886, p 5 3y In Costa Rica. Son of Horace Hamlin. Died of fever same day as his sister.
Paxton Willie Edward 23 Jun 1884 29 Jun 1884, p 8 7 years At CC. Of dysentery. Born 2 December 1876. Oldest son of Mr. John James and Mrs. Hannah Paxton.
McCullom Willie 31 Mar 1892 8 Apr 1892, p 2 News item from Santa Ana, Texas, April 1: Killed by cyclone.
McMurray Willie 24 Nov 1899, p 1 In El Paso, by "accidental discharge of a pistol." Stockman. Had lived in Beeville.
Shaw William S. 28 Mar 1865 19 May 1893, p 6 Seventh U. S. Infantry, Company A. See entry for Lt. James Downing.
Cornforth William Otis 26 Dec 1891 1 Jan 1892, p 6 about 20y In CC. From Unity, Maine. Had been in CC for about one month.
Sharkey William L. 28 Nov 1902 28 Nov 1902, p 5 38y Died at the St. James cottage, of pneumonia. Native of Brownsville. Worked for Texas-Mexican railroad between Laredo and CC, as conductor. Had a brother named Ernest. Left a wife and 6 children: the oldest was 12 years old and the youngest was 18 months. He was a Mason.
Sharkey William L. 5 Dec 1902, p 5 Description of funeral in laredo, where the family lived. Buried in the Knights of Pythias plat in new city cemetery.
Daimwood William H. 4 Aug 1902 8 Aug 1902, p 4 57y In CC, of apoplexy. Native of Columbia, Tenn. Had been playing a game of checkers with a doctor in the back part of Mr. Daimwood's store when he lost the use of one side of his body. Was taken home in a hack. Upon arrival at home, he was unable to speak, fell into a coma and died the next morning after 2 a.m. Had come to CC in 1875. Opened a gents' furnishing store. Later, went into partnership with R. G. Blossman; had a bakery business with Mateo Muely; had a second-hand furniture store on Chaparral street. Married Ursula Meuly who died May 14, 1895, leaving 4 daughters and 1 son. Married Mrs. Emily Camp on February 14, 1900. Baptist Church.
Kaler William Elmer 21 Dec 1887 24 Dec 1887, p 4 21y 6m 20d Four miles west of CC. Son of Fred and Mary Kaler. Died of hemorrhage after having typhoid fever.
Falvella William B. 18 Dec 1901 20 Dec 1901, p 5 49y Died in CC, at home of son, J. W. Falvella. He was a native of Mascovetro, Italy. Born February 3, 1852. "The death … was not unexpected, as he had been in a precarious condition ever since his return, in October, from Waco, where he went four years ago and where he had an attack of pneumonia followed by a relapse. Mr. Favella came to Corpus Christi about twenty-eight years ago with Frank Pelligrino, and Antonio De Marco, from the old country. He was married a few years later to Miss Hannah McCarty, who died in 1885. He was known as one of the best violinists in Texas, and the sweet melody of his strings was ever cherished by all our people. He leaves a wife, daughter and three sons, viz: Jas. W., Frank and Michael Falvella and Mrs. Rosa Cruz, all of whom were at his bedside when his soul took flight to a better world. He died a Christian, receiving all the sacraments of his faith, the Catholic church. Funeral took place at 4 o'clock p.m., same day, from the residence of J. W. Falvella; interment in the Catholic cemetery."
Wrather William B. 15 Nov 1899 17 Nov 1899, p 3 72y In CC. Native of Bedford County, Virginia. Raised in Kentucky. Went to Calif. in 1852. Came to Texas in 1856. Purchased a ranch at Lagarto, Live Oak County. In 1859, joined Matt Nolan Rangers. Moved to CC in 1861, when he married Mary Woessner. Joined the confederate army, Capt. John Rabb's Company. "He leaves to mourn his loss besides his devoted wife, two sons and three daughters viz: George Wrather, Mrs. Wm. Anderson, Mrs. J. C. Clark, Miss Hettie Wrather, and Frank Wrather. He also leaves one brother, Sam Wrather, and one sister in Kentucky."