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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
Noessel Minnie (unreadable) 21 Mar 1902, p 4 28y Died in San Antonio. Wife of Claude Noessel who was a telegraph operator. She had been born in Colorado County, Texas, October 13, 1873 and had lived in San Antonio since 1899.
Rodriquez Francisco "two weeks ago" 24 May 1885, p 5 Drowned in Banquete creek after stealing a horse belonging to Dick Fitzsimmons. Horse drowned, too.
Plowman John "this week" 15 Oct 1887, p 5 In CC. A pauper who died in the county jail.
Perkins (female) "this week" 15 Oct 1887, p 5 In CC. A lunatic who died in the county jail.
Sanders Malvina "this week" 1 Nov 1901, p 5 "Malvina Sanders, familiarly known as 'Nane,' the faithful old colored servant, who has been in the family of Mrs. Jno. G. Kenedy for thirty years, died this week in San Antonio in the Santa Rosa hospital. The remains, which were brought here yesterday by Mr. Kenedy, were buried this morning in the Catholic cemetery, the funeral being well attended. Deceased, who was a native of New Orleans, leaves two sons and one daughter here."
Smith W. G. "the other day" 23 Mar 1884, p 1 In San Antonio; suicide by morphine. The young man was from Waco.
Stein Joseph "ten days ago" 11 Jan 1885, p 1 A German sheepman. Murdered with an ax, with his partner, Henry Kuhlman. In Uvalde County.
Santos Maria "several days ago" 10 Oct 1891, p 7 Near Aransas Pass station. Ate flour that had fallen from the train as did other people who became violently ill from it. She was the only who died from it. Flour was possibly moldy.
Martyr family members Sep 1900 14 Sep 1900, p 4 "Mr. Wm. Horne received a letter last night from his father-in-law, Mr. Martyr, in Galveston, saying that he had lost his wife, also his daughter, Mr. Goldbe___ and a grandson in the storm. The letter which is dated the 11th, is as follows: The storm on Saturday took the house and all. Edith, mother and Alfred are lost. Rhoda and I drifted all night, till three o'clock in the morning when we landed on the roof of a house, my shirt torn to pieces - only pants and shoes on. I am so stiff and sore I can hardly write. I have written to Len in Houston to come. I found some good friends who loaned me a dollar to send the telegram. I think 5000 at least are lost. we sttod together waiting for death. The scene was a trying one. I have been looking for our dead on every wagon. The dead are being dumped into the sea by the hundreds.' "
Baker Joe "recently" 23 Mar 1884, p 1 At Black Jack Grove. Shot by John Parker after Baker had shot Parker first. They both died.
Lacky Mrs. "recently" 8 Jul 1883, p 1 95 years Died near Sandy. Married 79 yrs. Married in 1804 at age 16 to a man a few months younger. 16 sons, 2 daughters.
Cerda Ramon, Jr. "recently" 23 May 1902, p 5 about 23y Killed by a ranger who found him skinning a calf at Saltillo ranch, in one of Mrs. King's pastures. Native of Brownsville.
Cook James "recently" 27 Apr 1884, p 4 70 y At Carbon, 30 miles from Laredo. "…native of St. Augustine, Fla. a veteran of the of the Mexican war…"
Hart Andy "recently" 11 May 1884, p 5 Of San Patricio County. Died in Pentitentiary.
Maher Lilly Clements "recently" 9 Mar 1884, p 5 In San Antonio. Died after giving birth to twins. An Episcopalian.
Parker John "recently" 23 Mar 1884, p 1 At Black Jack Grove. Shot by Joe Baker whom Parker had shot first. Both died.
Telles Ramon "on Tuesday" 17 Aug 1884, p 4 At Laredo. Had worked as a compositor on the Laredo newspaper.
Chiltin Louisa E. Oct 1886 7 Nov 1886, p 5 74y In Marlin. Wife of Rev. Chiltin. Sister of John M. Moore of CC. Obit long & hard to read, dark & down into the binding. Born in Johnston, NY on April 25, 1812. Maiden name = Louisa E. Conklin. Married Oct 6, 1848, in AL. 7 children.
Theriot Dr. A. F. Nov 1899 1 Dec 1899, p 4 In Nuevo Laredo where he was a druggist and had a daughter and two sons. Had been ill for 2 weeks.
Milmo Mr. J. Nov 1891 11 Dec 1891, p 7 Near Victoria Tamaulipas, Mexico, of heart disease.
Calais John H. "lately" 25 Jul 1886, p 4 "John H. Calais, an attorney of Laredo, lately died of smallpox. He refused, it is said, to be vaccinated. It is a well known fact that there is more or less small-pox at the border and it is impossible to tell how you may come in contact with the loathsome disease, therefore it is essential that all persons expecting to visit the Rio Grande be vaccinated. This is the request of people who live on the river and ______ be respected. "There are many former Corpus Christi people in Laredo, in fact, a good portion of the town is _________, and all express a great interest in Corpus Christi's welfare, though they fear the people's old fogy ways will never bring the town to much."
Barrera Ramon Guerrera "last week" 6 Jul 1884, p 5 "old" At Rancho San Antonio Veijo.
Duble H. N. "last week" 13 Apr 1884, p 1 Suicide by hanging,Pacific Hotel,Colorado City. Was a wealthy merchant from Galveston.
Kehlinger J. W. "last week" 8 Jul 1883, p 1 At Fort Worth. Building contractor; fell 60 feet from scaffolding.
Mathis Silas "last week" 10 Dec 1887, p 7 about 28y At Goliad. Arm caught in saw of gin and he bled to death. Near relative of T. H. and J. M. Mathis.