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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
Abrigo Louis 3 Nov 1893, p 3 News item from San Diego, Texas, October 27.: "… a Mexican in the employ of E. Morris, had hemorrhage of the lungs while on his horse at the well and fell off dead."
Acebo Jose 21 Apr 1899, p 8 "In Memoriam"
Acebo Lieutenant Leonardo 24 Feb 1899, p 5 " …, of the Royal Spanish army, a brother of Mr. Jose Acebo, of this city, died on board the steamship San Francisco while enroute home to see his mother."
Alexander John B. 11 Dec 1903, p 4 Death reported in the Laredo paper: "…brother-in-law of W. H. Adams. Mr. Alexander was stricken with paralysis last Friday night at Balafox, near the coal mines."
Anderson Joseph 11 Nov 1883, p 1 Died at Chihuahua; suicide by laudanum. Ex-postmaster from Big Springs.
Arellano Jose 24 Feb 1893, p 1
Arnell T. J. 20 Jan 1899, p 3 News item from Refugio. T. J. Arnell was shot and killed by his stepson, Eric Perry, age 17. Shot with a 32-calibre Winchester. The article explains how Arnell first came at Perry with the rifle aimed at Perry. Perry turned it around towards Arnell during the struggle and the gun went off, "causing almost instant death."
Augland Mr. & Mrs. D. 19 Jul 1885, p 8 At Wills Point in Zandt Co. Both committed suicide 5 days apart after boys teased the Italians and played tricks on them and lead them to believe they would murder them. The older couple did not speak English very well. Lengthy story.
Autrey John 13 Nov 1891, p 7 " … killed on a train near Monterrey, Mex. He was walking on top of a freight car, and presumably, fell in between them."
Avelos Antonio 12 Sep 1902, p 5 "…, a well known Mexican laborer, was found dead in the Sidbury lumber yard last Saturday morning by Mr. T. J. Noakes. Deceased was a hard drinker, and it is supposed he died from the effects of an overdose of alcohol. When found he had been dead for over 24 hours."
Bacza Sebastion 10 Jun 1883, p 1 Died in Yucatan. Circus accident: Burned by kerosene lamp.
Bailey F. J. 19 Jan 1900, p 5 57y In Beeville, of consumption, at the home of her son-in-law, J. R. White. Widow of Captain Bailey. Buried in Rockport, her home.
Bailey John 10 Mar 1899, p 3 News item from Childress, Texas, dated March 9: "John Bailey and Tom Palmer, well connected young men, met in a saloon and after a few words drew their pistols and began firing, continuing until both fell mortally wounded. Bailey was shot twice in the body and his hand was shattered. Palmer got two bullets in his body. The fathers of the two men were sent for and arrived before the end, which came to the duelists at the same moment. As they fired, the two men walked toward each other, neither seeming to care for himself so long as he inflicted mortal wounds. Land litigation was the cause."
Baldeschweiler Andrew 16 Dec 1898, p 5 52y Initial report of injury, fell 16-18 feet from scaffolding, causing paralysis. Happened at Wade City, Nueces county. Carpenter and builder. He "was the first American born child in Corpus Christi." Moved to San Patricio approx. 1878. Married Miss Ryan of San Patricio. Had 9 children. Brother in Laredo. Sister in Galveston.
Baldoramos wife of Joe 29 Sep 1893, p 6 "While a Mexican woman,…was ironing at her home on the Hill Saturday, her clothes caught fire and before the flames were extinguished her body was badly burned. Medical aid was at once called in and at last accounts the unfortunate woman was getting along as well as could be expected under the circumstances."
Driscoll Mrs. Robert 26 May 1899, p 5 Died in London.
Marx Bob 3 Feb 1899, p 1 News item from San Antonio, Jan 2: "About ____ o'clock a.m. there was a shooting _____ at the Silver King saloon which resulted in the death of Bob Marx, who kept a saloon at the corner of Laredo and Commerce street. John Bennett, one of the proprietors of the Silver King, the Turf Exchange and the Cotton Exchange was also shot and dangerously wounded. "Marx, it is alleged, went into the Silver King and began to speak loudly to Bennett, referring to his alleged connections with policy shops and slot machines. After a few animated words shooting began between the two with the above result." Note: John Bennett died. See entry for John Bennett.
Roark James Henderson 16 May 1902, p 8 Memorial in the commissioners' court.
Dunn Joseph 18 Sep 1903, p 4 "Body of the Justice of the Peace found on the Beach…" Had left the fish and pyster saloon of A. Tomich in the evening, lost his footing and fell onto the rocks below and was knocked unconscious. When found the next morning, his little pug dog was guarding his body. It was thought the Mr. Dunn drowned when the tide came in during the night. "Joseph Dunn came to Texas from Ireland in 1857, landing at Corpus Christi, Oct. 31st of the same year, with his mother, two sisters and a brother. His father, Peter Dunn, preceded the family to this country two years before. Deceased Peter Dunn, preceded the family to this country two years before. Deceased was deputy collector of customs on the lower Rio Grande for about fifteen years. At the timeof his death he was serving his sixth term as justice of the peace of this precinct….Since the tragic death of his adopted son, Arthur Frantz, who suicided a year ago last May, he has been a greatly changed man - a broken-hearted fellow. Deceased leaves besides his wife, two sisters, Mrs. Mary McBride and Mrs. Julia Davidson, one brother, Lawrence Dunn, and one daughter, Mrs. Julia Langley…" Buried in Catholic cemetery.
Fagan Peter 31 Dec 1897, p 6 about 90y "Peter Fagan, a negro aged about 90 years, was found dead in his house last week about seven miles west of town, where he lived by himself, Justice Dunn holding an inquest on the body soon after it was found."
Haney Mrs. Hal 16 Feb 1900, p 1 At Blano_____, near Beeville.
Harding Jack 10 Jan 1886, p 5 "Jack Harding, an old time sailor and pilot in these bays, is dying of cancer in the stomach at the county's boarding house where he placed a year or two ago, being of unsound mind."
Rodrigues Antonio 8 Sep 1888, p 8 Letter from Papalote dated 6 September 1888. Drowned in the Aransas River.
Rodriguez Francisco 6 Feb 1903, p 5 " Francisco Rodriguez and Daniel Marchan, two young Mexican fisherman from this city, had some words over in Rockport last Friday night, when Rodriguez was shot and killed. His remains were brought to this city next day for burial. Marchan, it is said, is in jail at Rockport."
Rodriguez Maria Refugio 31 Mar 1899, p 1 15y Died of smallpox in Laredo, at Hospital #1 set up for smallpox patients.