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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
Dolan James Andrew same page Memoria in Aeterna: James Andrew Dolan. Eldest son of Michael and Cecilia Dolan. Born in Gussettville. In 1897, he married Laura Timon, daughter of John Timon. They had a 6 month old baby boy at the time of James' death. He was a stockman. Buried on 4 July.
Henderson Thomas same page "Three Men in Jail Charged with the Murder of Thomas Henderson" News Item from San Diego, Texas, September 21: "The examining trial of F. Garcia, P. Rosa and D. Molino, accused of the murder of Thomas Henderson at Benavides on the night of the 19th, was concluded to-day at Benavides, and the prisoners bound over in the sum of $1000 each, and in default were brought down on this evening's train and placed in the county jail here. Evidence is very strong against one of the accused, D. Molino. He was tracked from where the murder was committed to his home. There was also found in his possession a pistol with an empty chamber, evidently discharged but a short time previous, and the empty shell corresponded to the ball taken from the dead man's head. The connecting the other two men with this heinous crime is not known at this time, but it is believed to be sufficiently strong to give them a number of years at Huntsville. It was reported from reliable information that lynching was strongly talked of yesterday in Benavides. Deceased was a young man, a Cuban by birth, but of English parents, and had no relatives here. His remains were interred at 4 o'clock yesterday evening."
Grover Laura Fidella (?) 24? Sep 1884 Oct 1883, p 5 23y 10m 30d? At Cotulla, La Salle County. Wife of James S. Grover.
Lavender Mrs. Charles 2 Sep 1898 9 Sep 1898, p4 80y 8m 8d Died in CC. Native of Bordeaux, France. Lived with her daughter, Mrs. F. E. Macmanus. Had come to Texas in 1831, accompanied by her husband and two small children. She was an award-winning artist, a painter. Catholic. Other daughter was Mrs. J. O. Woodhouse, Houston, Texas.
Buckley Carrie 9 Sep 1898, 7 20y In Eagle Pass, Texas.
Ewing Will 3 Sep 1892 9 Sep 1892, p 8 News item from Stephensville, Texas, Sept. 5-- "Saturday night Will Ewing, who had gone to church in Flat Creek in the northwestern part of this county, was assassinated as he was entering the church door. It seems that Ewing was surrounded by a crowd at the church door when someone pushed his was through the crowd and shot Ewing in the back, killing him instantly. The assassin passed out through the crowd and made his escape, though there were a number of men who could have put their hands on him. No one attempted to detain him, nor was he recognized. The county attorney and deputy sheriff went out but no new developments were made and no arrests. This occurred about twenty miles northwest of Stephensville."
Johnson W. E. 19 Aug 1892 9 Sep 1892, p 6 Merced, California. Body buried in Merced but body was to have been moved to CC "in a few years." Wife and children live in CC. Was a Knight of Honor.
Grande Aurelia 2 Sep 1883 9 Sep 1883, p 5 Funeral 3 Sept 1883. Father = D. Pancho Grande.
Peyton Edward 2 Sep 1883 9 Sep 1883, p 5 Negro; "Uncle Ned."
Schallert Bertha 6 Sep 1883 9 Sep 1883, p 5 17 y 4 m Buried 7 September 1883.
Brooks D. R. 9 Oct 1903, p 5 Buried in county cemetery.
Reuthinger Henry 21 Sep 1903 9 Oct 1903, p 5 47y Died in Neunkirch, Switzerland. Had been in the confectionery business in CC for many years. Had gone back home to Switzerland 3 years prior to his death. Died of lung trouble and asthma. Brother in CC: Jacob. Brother in Laredo:Godfried. Had a brother, wife and child in Switzerland.
Hutton Thos. W. 7 Oct 1903 9 Oct 1903, p 4 28y Died in Laredo of yellow fever.
Brooks D. R. 6 Oct 1903 9 Oct 1903, p 1 Died in CC, of malarial fever. From Sour Lake.
Dunn infant of P. F. 3 Oct 1891 9 Oct 1891, p 5 infant Daughter.
Grant Capt. James 8 Nov 1900 9 Nov 1900, p 5 76y Died in CC, of cancer. Native of Halifax, Nova Scotia. "Capt. Grant came to Texas in his early days. During the war between the states he was pilot at Brazos Santiago, when he married Mary Hayes. In 1868 he moved to Nueces county, settling on Mustang island and engaging in the cattle and sheep raising business, which he continued the rest of his life. He leaves to mourn his death two daughters and four sons - his wife having passed away on February 11, 1899, viz: Mrs. Andrew Anderson and Miss Maggie Grant, and Messrs. William, James, John and Ed. Grant. The funeral took place this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock from the residence of Capt. Anderson on Water street, the obsequies being held at the Catholic church. The remains were laid by the side of those of his wife in the old Bay View cemetery."
Ricklefsen August 7 Nov 1884 9 Nov 1884, p 5 In St. Louis. Mr. Rickelfsen was born in Kappeln, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, 3/12/1840 and came to CC in 1860. About 3 months prior to his death he had left CC on a visit to Germany to regain his health. While enroute he was taken in St. Louis with dropsy. He was an Odd Fellow and a Mason.
Lawrence John L. 8 May 1902 9 May 1902, p 5 21y 7m 8d In CC. Eldest son of T. M. Lawrence. Died of acute appendicitis. He was a bookkeeper. Methodist church. Buried in Knights of Pythias burial ground. Four sisters: Leona, Grace, Anna, Lucille. One brother: Theodore.
Skidmore Elizabeth A. 8 May 1891 9 May 1891, p 5 68y 1m 28d In CC. Native of Page county, Virginia. Buried in Beeville. Baptist Chruch.
Maher Lilly Clements "recently" 9 Mar 1884, p 5 In San Antonio. Died after giving birth to twins. An Episcopalian.
Campbell Guadalupe 7 Jul 1887 9 Jul 1887, p 4 8m 23d In CC. Daughter of Fransisco and Demteria F. de Campbell.
Frank "Dago Frank" 9 Feb 1900, p 5 about 40 y One of 4 bodies recovered from wrecked schooner McInnis, near Brownsville. A sailor identified as Dago Frank by certain tattoo marks on his body, slightly gray hair and moustache. Buried at the Barril ranch on the coast, 28 miles below the mouth of the Rio Grande.
Laroche Joe 28 Jan 1900 9 Feb 1900, p 5 From Isabel. Died when the schooner McInnis wrecked near Brownsville. Buried by his father near the Rio Grande, about 12 miles above the mouth of the river. (Date of death/wreck taken from obit of Paul Wreford, 9 Feb 1900, p 5.)
Wreford Paul D. 9 Feb 1900, p 5 Drowned/died when the schooner McInnis wrecked near Brownsville.
Wreford Paul Dombrey 28 Jan 1900 9 Feb 1900, p 5 21y 9m 19d Obit. "Drowned in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Mexican coast … son of S. P. and L. E. Wreford of Brownsville, Texas." He was the oldest son, born in Houston. Had a sister and brother, a young wife, "nee Michel", and an infant daughter.