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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
Nicholls Joseph "fall of 1883" Killed near San Diego. Murdered by Atilano Martinez. Nicholls was a sheepman; Martinez was his shepherd. When Martinez wanted pay, Nicholls told him to wait until morning. Martinez waited until Nicholls was asleep and put a pistol to his head and shot him. Nicholls was from England.
Lucas Henry A. 30 Mar 1892 1 Apr 1892, p 1 In San Diego. Manager of E. D. Sidbury's lumber yard. Had a wife and son and daughter. Buried in CC.
Spence (child of Mrs.) 29 Mar 1892 1 Apr 1892, p 1 2y In San Diego, at Mrs. Spence's ranch. Buried there on the ranch, March 30.
Lucas Henry A. 1 Apr 1892, p 5 53y Died at his home in San Diego. Native of Mittlesomern, Germany. Born August 16, 1839. Had lived in CC about 20 years. Moved to San Diego 4 years prior to his death. Buried in the city cemetery.
Cohen Mr. H. 26 Mar 1892 1 Apr 1892, p 6 In Victoria. Father of Mrs. Abbie King in CC. She was the proprietress of King's Palace. Her mother, Mrs. Cohen, was with Mrs. King nursing her back to health when the family was notified of Mr. Cohen's death.
McCormick Mr. C. J. 28 Mar 1892 1 Apr 1892, p 6 In San Antonio. "This morning (March 28) about 4 o'clock while coupling an engine and cars at the Southern Pacific depot, C. J. McCormick, a railroad employe [sic], was caught between the drawheads and crushed to death. The unfortunate man was from Rhode Island."
Seeligson Mrs. Henry 28 Mar 1892 1 Apr 1892, p 6 In San Antonio. Sister-in-law to Louis Seeligson of CC. Widow of Henry Seeligson. She had lived in CC at one time.
Gonzales Augustine's wife 25 Mar 1892 1 Apr 1892, p 7 News item from Beeville, Mar. 25: "Another one of those blood curdling murders, which are so frequently mentioned in the daily press, occurred here last night, and probably Bee county will be called upon , through its efficient officers, to send a red-handed murderer into eternity by the hemp route. About 4 o'clock this morning Augustine Gonzales, with a large butcher knife, arose from his bed and deliberately cut his wife to pieces, from the effects of which she died in a very few minutes. The murderer was taken in to custody about daylight by Sheriff Walton. In the examining trial, which resulted in sending Gonzales to jail without bail, he stated that he killed his wife and was glad of it, even though he would hang immediately. He states that his reasons for the act were jealousy, he having intercepted two letters from a man in Corpus Christi, addressed to his wife, and at which he took offense. They have a family of several children, and have been married about fourteen years. They are from Brownsville."
Prescott Fannie 29 Mar 1898 1 Apr 1898, p 4 40y In Waco, wife of A. M. Prescott. Survived by husband, 4 children, sister in Monterey, Mexico, and a brother in Waco, Guy Hart. Buried in Oakwood Cem.
Braswell Lloyd 30 Mar 1898 1 Apr 1898, p 5 25y Came to CC from Mississippi in September, 1896. Remains shipped to West Point, Miss., where he was born and where he was buried. Brother: Sidney Braswell. "A brother of the deceased died only a few months ago in Mississippi of the same disease-consumption."
Dix Olvin T. (spelling?) 28 Mar 1898 1 Apr 1898, p 5 57y In San Antonio at Santa Rosa Infirmary, of pneumonia. From El Paso. In the real estate business. Parents and brother buried in CC. Tax assessor in Nueces co. then moved to Live Oak co. One brother, Capt. Jno. J. Dix, in Duval co.
Vela Albino 29 Jul 1886 1 Aug 1886, p 5 about 50y In San Diego. Had typhoid dysentery for about two weeks. Brothers: Crisanto and Luis Vela. Buried on Latas ranch. Had a wife and 4 children.
Weymouth Rev. Henry C. 27 Jul 1886 1 Aug 1886, p 5 In New Orleans. Brother to James E. Weymouth of CC.
Whelan Mike 29 Jun 1886 1 Aug 1886, p 5 86y In County Wexford, Ireland. From Refugio, Texas. Had gone home to Ireland on a visit. "Five days after his arrival at his brother's home, he died."
Livingstone Carrie Eustace 27 Jul 1891 1 Aug 1891, p 1 Memoriam.
Hines Frank 1 Aug 1891, p 4 12y Meridian, Texas. Dragged to death by a horse when his foot caught in the stirrup.
Livingstone Carrie Eustace 1 Aug 1891, p 6 Wife of A. G. Livingstone. Niece of Mrs. C. E. Leonard, Mr. F. E. Wells. Had a child only a few months old.
Carter Will 27 Jul 1891 1 Aug 1891, p 7 Drowned.
Stucke John 1 Aug 1891, p 7 50y 4m In Brownsville, Texas. Native of Buffalo, New York.
Culkins Delia 23 Nov 1888 1 Dec 1888, p 5 about 75y At home of Judge John B. McCampbell. Obit suggests she was a servant to the family and had lived with them for 14 years. Native of Ireland. Drowned in cistern.
Ross Sergeant W. D. 26 Nov 1893 1 Dec 1893, p 7 In Brownsville, of the signal corps of the U. S. Army. Committed suicide with a pistol shot to the brain.
Sanders James 23 Nov 1899 1 Dec 1899, p 1 Drowned after leaving Rockport with Joseph Singleton in a small boat bound for Falkner. Boat was found upside down on Goose Island. Sanders' body was recovered; Singleton's was not.
Singleton Joseph 23 Nov 1899 1 Dec 1899, p 1 See entry for Sanders, James, same death date.
Theriot Dr. A. F. Nov 1899 1 Dec 1899, p 4 In Nuevo Laredo where he was a druggist and had a daughter and two sons. Had been ill for 2 weeks.
Fisher Henry 26 Jan 1885 1 Feb 1885, p 5 In CC, of liver complaint. In the fishing business. Born Zurich, Switzerland, 1845. Came to America as a soldier in Maximillian's Army. Had a wife and 4 children.