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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
McGregor Lee Roy 22 Oct 1887 29 Oct 1887, p 4 9y Youngest son of Wm. S. and Emma McGregor. Accidental shooting while out hunting with a cousin, 7-8 miles from town on the Nueces. "… the unfortunate boy attempted to lift up his shot-gun, lying across a log, by taking hold of the barrels and pulling it towards him. This discharged the gun and the contents entering the young man's chin and ranging upward caused his death instantly."
Grover Herbert 9 Apr 1893 14 Apr 1893, p 6 Youngest son of the James Grover, deceased at the time of Herbert's death. Died on "Easter Sunday while out hunting with a companion, near his home in Live Oak county. It is said that the boys saw a squirrel and Herbert's companion in getting his gun ready to shoot accidentally shot his friend. The young man, whose death is deplored, was buried last Monday at San Patricio."
Dunn Agnes 22 Sep 1902 26 Sep 1902, p 5 12y Youngest daughter of Nicholas Dunn. Died in San Antonio of appendicitis. Buried in family burial ground in Skidmore.
Browne Sheriff Mathew L. 22 Apr 1892, p 1 36 years Write-up of funeral. Mathew L. Browne. Educated at Notre Dame, Indiana. Took charge of his father's ranch, made numerous cattle drives to Kansas and Illinois. 1882, married Josephine, second daughter of Mr. Adolphus Glavecke. 1890, elected sheriff of Cameron county without opposition. Leaves, wife, sister, 3 brothers, father.
Fusselman Abigail Thrasher 14 Jan 1899 20 Jan 1899, p 4 65y Would have been 66 years in 2 days, on January 22. Born in 1833. Died at her home in Lagarto. Married at Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, July 5, 1855, to John Fusselman, who survived her. She had been an invalid for 3 years. Joined the Methodist church in 1890. Son: John Fusselman, Jr. Daughter: Mrs. Elizabeth Leiberman, Green Bay, WI. Both were with her when she died. Buried in Lagarto cemetery beside youngest son, Charlie.
Powell Roswell Johnston 6 Nov 1903, p 4 "Words of Sympathy"
Doughty James 6? Jan 1891 8 Jan 1892, p 5 "Word was received here Wednesday of the death from pneumonia at the Santa Gertrudis ranch, of Mr. James Doughty, an old and respected stockman of this section. Mr. Doughty lived formerly in Rockport where he owns property. In accordance with an expressed wish of his, the Masonic lodge left for Alice Thursday morning to attend the funeral."
Cocke Rebecca Bland 8 Aug 1893 11 Aug 1893, p 5 Wife of Thomas Cocke. Died in Victoria, Texas. Had lived near Victoria for forty years. Husband was a doctor.
Welch Ada 13 Dec 1883 16 Dec 1883, p 5 Wife of Stanley Welch.
Prince Corinne Williamson 10 Dec 1891 11 Dec 1891, p 1 30y Wife of S. S. Prince of the Aransas Pass railroad. Methodist.
Lopez Josefa Hinojosa 10 Nov 1902 14 Nov 1902, p 5 "…, wife of Nicholas Lopez, died on the hill Monday night from rupture of the bowels, caused by falling on the corner of a table…She was operated on, but it was necessarliy a fatal case." Had 3 daughters.
Dunn Catherine Whelan 27 Jan 1903 30 Jan 1903, p 5 47y 11m 10d Wife of Mike J. Dunn. Died at her home five miles west of CC. Native of CC. Daughter of Dennis Whelan. She married Mike J. Dunn in April, 1873. They had 9 children: Annie, Nellie, Joe, John, Kate, Mike, Nora, Edmund, Christie. Buried in the Catholic cemetery.
Hardin Jane "a few days ago" 9 Dec 1892, p 2 Wife of John Wesley Hardin. Died in Gonzales County. "Fifteen years or more ago everybody in Texas knew of John Wesley Hardin and the many human lives he had offered up as sacrifices to his unbridled passion. For fifteen years he has been a convict in the penitentiary at Huntsville, and this.. woman…waited for the year 1893, when her husband's imprisonment would end and he would again be a free man. There were three children, now nearly grown,…"
Wagner Ida Magee 19 Jul 1896 24 Jul 1896, p 6 16y 9m 15d Wife of Henry A. Wagner, of Nuecestown. They had married on 13 Nov 1895.
Burney Aphra Elizabeth 19 Mar 1884 23 Mar 1884, p 5 20y 8m 6d Wife of D. M. Burney. Had been married only a year. Had one child. A sister to Ed. Williams.
Grant Mary 12 Feb 1899 17 Feb 1899, p 4 69y Wife of Capt. James Grant. Died in CC at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Andrew Anderson, after a long and painful illness. Native of New Orleans. Resided on Mustang Island for many years. Another daughter: Maggie Grant. Also had 4 Sons, William, James, John, Edward. Buried in Bay View cemetery the same day she died.
Harris Sue 6 Dec 1903 11 Dec 1903, p 4 Wife of C. M. Harris, in Laredo. She was a musician.
Livingstone Carrie Eustace 1 Aug 1891, p 6 Wife of A. G. Livingstone. Niece of Mrs. C. E. Leonard, Mr. F. E. Wells. Had a child only a few months old.
Ottino John 2 Jan 1903 2 Jan 1903, p 5 "…, who has been an invalid for a number of years, died at his home near the Texas-Mexican depot to-day at one o'clock."
Baldoramos wife of Joe 29 Sep 1893, p 6 "While a Mexican woman,…was ironing at her home on the Hill Saturday, her clothes caught fire and before the flames were extinguished her body was badly burned. Medical aid was at once called in and at last accounts the unfortunate woman was getting along as well as could be expected under the circumstances."
Marshall C. L. "last week" 2 Jun 1899, p 6 " .. was shot twice and killed in Waco last week, the shooting occurring in front of the natatorium. Marshall's body was shipped to San Antonio and J. A. Tyson, the shooter, carried to jail."
Denson Green 10 Jan 1899 13 Jan 1899, p 8 28y " … was shot and killed on Congress avenue in Austin last Tuesday morning. Sam Magners, who was locked up, charged with the murder, said he had to do it in self-defense."
Kerbel Mrs. Philip 9 Jan 1899 13 Jan 1899, p 8 " … was burned to death near Castroville last Monday. She was out burning pear for some cattle when her dress caught fire."
Siviner Emma 16 May 1891, p 3 " … was burned to death in San Antonio last week. Her clothes caught fire."
McCullom F. E. or J. E. 19 Jul 1909 23 Jul 1909, p 4 Victim identified in article as J. E. then F. E. News item from Beeville, Texas: "F. E. McCullom was shot and killed here yesterday during a personal difficulty. Weyman Ellis, a deputy sheriff of Goliad county, residing at Berclair, was placed under arrest. Trouble had existed between McCullom and J. F. Ellis, who is the father of Weyman Ellis."