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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
Arellano Jose 24 Feb 1893, p 1
Collins Norman George 25 Apr 1902, p 4
Gibbs James 23 Apr 1883 29 Apr 1883, p 2 abt 70 y
Henderson Thomas 19 Sep 1892 23 Sep 1892, p 1
Morris Ross 15 Mar 1893 17 Mar 1893, p 5 "aged"
Bracken W. Y. 10 Jun 1883 17 Jun 1883, p 1 A brakeman in San Antonio; overdosed on "morphene."
Hale Indalecio C. 12 Sep 1902, p 5 19y A brakeman on the National railroad. Run over by the cars of a freight train near Salinas, Mexico. Parents lived in Laredo; that's where the body was taken. Son of Thomas Hale who also worked for the National railroad.
Green John A., Jr. 11 Jan 1899 13 Jan 1899, p 8 " … a brilliant young lawyer of San Antonio died Wednesday morning in the Alamo city from blood poisoning."
Englehorn L. E. 8 May 1899 12 May 1899, p 4 A dispatch from Kenedy, dated May 9: conductor of a stock train on the San Antonio and Aransas Pass. Fell from train between Normanna and Pettus. Skull was crushed. Had been taken to Santa Rosa hospital in San Antonio where he died. Wife: formerly, Mrs. Bertha Baker, daughter of John Hall, of Kenedy. Buried in New Orleans.
Luna Pablo 23 Sep 1901 27 Sep 1901, p 5 29y "A fatal accident occurred Monday night at 8:15 o'clock on the bayou bridge, half a mile above the Aransas Pass depot in this city, where Pablo Luna, a Mexican fisherman, aged 29 years, met his death, being run over and horribly mangled by the engine of the incoming passenger train. The supposition is that Luna stopped ________ bridge to rest (no doubt fatigued from overwork, as he was a hard worker) and fell asleep. The engineer testified that he saw an object, supposed to be a man, lying down on the bridge, and reversed his engine as soon as he could, but, alas! before he could stop the train, the engine had done its work. Pablo was found back under the cars dead, his head cut in several places, his left foot, lying across one of the rails, cut entirely off, and his left arm broken in several places. Justice Dunn, who held the inquest, and made a thorough examination of the matter, rendered a verdict, finding that the deceased came to his death accidentally, and that no personage is to blame for his death."
Chapa David 29 Jul 1892 5 Aug 1892, p 6 "A fine shower of rain fell at Realitos last Friday afternoon about four o'clock, which extended some distance to the south. David Chapa, a wealthy ranchman, was struck by lightning at the Vela ranch six miles from Realitos and instantly killed."
Martin Frank 28? Jun 1893 30 Jun 1893, p 8 about 22y A fireman who was killed during a train robbery on the train from San Antonio to CC. Martin lived in San Antonio with his parents. Body taken to San Antonio for burial. Lengthy article about the botched train robbery.
White A. 9 Sep 1900 14 Sep 1900, p 5 about 40y "A gentleman by the name of A. White came to Corpus Christi last April from Clarendon, Arkansas, nearly dead with consumption. After remaining here a few weeks he commenced to improve. In July he looked almost like a new man, when he returned to his home. He hardly had been there a week when his cough commenced and nearly died before he could get away. He returned to Corpus Christi last month more dead than alive, in hopes that he would improve, but alas! it was too late. On Sunday evening at 9:30 o'clock, Mr. White who was aged about forty years, died, and next day his remains were buried in the new cemetery, the burial services being conducted by Rev. Mr. Chandler. Deceased was an elder in the Prebyterian church."
Stein Joseph "ten days ago" 11 Jan 1885, p 1 A German sheepman. Murdered with an ax, with his partner, Henry Kuhlman. In Uvalde County.
Shaeffer F. W. 25 Feb 1888, p 5 "A handsome monument of Italian marble has just been erected in the city cemetery by Mrs. Rowena Shaeffer to the memory of her late husband, Frank W. Shaeffer of this county. The large shaft, surrounded by a beautiful urn, makes one of the most attractive monuments on the burial grounds. The work was executed by Frank Teich, of San Antonio, who is also doing other marble work in the family enclosure."
Ziegler Jacob 29 Oct 1883 4 Nov 1883, p 5 73 yrs A Mason;leaves a widow;born Baden,Germany, Feb. 2, 1819. Came to US, 1851.
Jones Maggie L. 10 Aug 1884, p 5 A memorial published about her.
Vetters Cynthia A. 27 Oct 1893, p 6 A Memoriam for her. Maiden name was Vandervear. Joined Methodist church, at age 13. Written by her pastor, J. F. Webb.
Herring son of John 14 Aug 1892 19 Aug 1892, p 6 " … a most deplorable accident that occurred at Rockport Sunday. A son of Mr. John Herring, county clerk of Aransas, went to rope a horse. He succeeded in roping the animal but it seems had not the strength to hold him. Unfortunately he had tied one end of the rope around one of his wrists, and when the horse ran away he dragged young Herring after him, dashing his body against fences and trees until life was extinct."
Swann Eddie 27 Nov 1892 2 Dec 1892, p 6 12y "A most deplorable accident, which resulted in the death of Eddie Swan, a 12- year-old boy, occurred in the King pasture seven or eight miles beyond Banquete, last Sunday morning about ten o'clock. The unfortunate youth was running some cattle when the horse he was riding made a sudden turn, throwing its rider to the ground. Mr. Willis, a brother-in-law, saw the boy fall and immediately ran to him, but when he reched the little fellow he found that life was extinct. Eddie came to this section a few months ago from Moscow, Mo., and was living with his brother-in-law when he met with the accident which caused his death. Mr. Richard King, on whose land the accident occurred, kindly had the body placed on the eveing train and brought to town and Monday morning the remains were interred in the city cemetery."
Gage 2 Aug 1891 8 Aug 1891, p 6 "boy" "A negro boy … at Kelly's ranch, about eight miles southwest of this city." Dragged to death by a horse.
Mosly Dick 13 Jun 1891, p 1 A negro hack driver in Laredo, killed by a soldier named C. Taylor.
Adame Emilio 23 Nov 1901 29 Nov 1901, p 6 A news item from Alice, Texas: "One day last week Manuel Escobar Saenz, of Santa Cruz, who has been demented for some months, disemboweled Emilio Adame, while the latter was carrying a coil of wire on his head. The fearful work was done with a pocket- knife. The walls of the abdomen were not only laid open for several inches just below the navel but the intestines were badly cut. "Dr. Layton, of Alice, was summoned and did all he could for the wounded man, but to no avail, as he died last Saturday. "The officers were notified of the occurrence and at once went after Saenz and brought him to town. Legal steps were at once instituted, and a jury pronounced him insane. He is now an inmate of the county jail, awaiting the action of the asylum management as to his admission to that institution. "The unfortunate victim in the tragedy left a family of nine children, eight of whom are girls, in very poor circumstances."
Herrera Jose "last week" 29 Mar 1885, p 1 A printer of Laredo. Gunshot wound.
Marriott W. P. 4 Apr 1898 8 Apr 1898, p 8 "… a school teacher, committed suicide near McKinney.."