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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
Limon Severa 23 Nov 1893 24 Nov 1893, p 5 young girl In CC. Died from burns sustained 10 Oct 1893. See initial report of injury, 13 Oct 1893, p 5. Another article about this incident was published 19 October 1893, p 5, describing the poor living conditions the child and her family suffered under and seeking community support.
Hunsacker Oscar Shields 17 Jun 1886 20 Jun 1886, p 4 ?y 6m 4d In CC, of abscess of the lungs. Son of Dr. Hunsacker and his wife, Harriet Singleton. (Article difficult to read since it is down into the binding.) Born December 18. Cannot read the year. Born in St. James Parish, LA. Joined the Missionary Baptist Church. Baptized at age 11. Obituary written by his father.
Barrera Ramon Guerrera "last week" 6 Jul 1884, p 5 "old" At Rancho San Antonio Veijo.
Carter Giles 8 Sep 1893, p 1 "old" In San Antonio. Paralyzed about 20 years. Wealthy. Buried in Beeville.
Gonzales Eugenio "a few days since" 16 Sep 1892, p 1 "old" News item from Rio Grande City, Sept. 13. Heart failure.
Johnson Russell 31 Oct 1886 7 Nov 1886, p 4 "old" "Russell Johnson, a colored man, liked by everybody, white and black and an old citizen of Corpus, was drowned in Nueces bay last Sunday night. He was knocked overboard by the boom of a small fishing sloop."
Moore Mary 22 Sep 1887 24 Sep 1887, p 5 "old" In CC. Was "an old and faithful servant to the Moore family". "Colored"
Farrell Dr. 22 Jun 1893 25 Jun 1893, p 5 "old man" In Gregory. He was not a practicing physician. Came to Gregory from Coryell county "or that vicinity." His body was the first to "be interred in Gregory's new new burying ground, which is located southeast of the station on a beautiful site donated by the Coleman-Fulton Pasture Co." A son is mentioned in the news item but not by name.
Florez "last week" 17 Oct 1891, p 7 old man In San Diego. Buried by the county 17 October 1891.
Unknown Agapito 16 Oct 1891 17 Oct 1891, p 7 old man In San Diego. Buried by the county.
Ortiz Juan 24 Jan 1898 28 Jan 1898, p 1 "nearly 70" In Laredo. "He had known Laredo when it belonged to Mexico, to the Republic of Texas, the Confederate State of Texas and the state of Texas. " Had been in the businesses of mercantile, stock-raising. Owned over 50,000 acres in Webb and surrounding counties. 3 sons: Sheriff L. B. Ortiz, Santos Ortiz, deputy under his brother, J. M. Ortiz, in the printing business. 2 daughters, one of whom was married to V. C. Puig. Ortiz was buried in Laredo, Texas.
Dougherty Henderson 1 May 1901 10 May 1901, p 8 "little" In Beeville.
Woodul Gerald 20 May 1899 26 May 1899, p 5 "little" In Alice. Drowned in a tank. Son of R. L. Woodul.
Morris Pansy 24 Nov 1893, p 7 "little one" "Little Pansy, the twin daughter of J. Morris, had her clothees to catch fire while playing around a stove at Walnut Springs, Texas, last Sunday, and was burned from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet before her mother could subdue them. The little one's death cast a gloom of sorrow over the town."
Gibson 2 Jan 1892 8 Jan 1892, p 1 "little child" News item from San Diego: "Mr. James Gibson's little child died Saturday night and was taken to Realitos on yesterday morning's train for burial."
Dunn Leilia 9 Oct 1891 17 Oct 1891, p 6 infant Daughter of J. B. Dunn. In CC. Funeral at the Cathedral.
Falvella son of J. W. 17 Oct 1901 18 Oct 1901, p 6 infant In CC, from lockjaw. Son of J. W. Falvella.
Caldwell Julia Clayton 13 Apr 1888 14 Apr 1888, p 5 infant Daughter of George L. and John A. Caldwell.
Carson Arthur Emmet 10 Oct 1886, p 4 infant In CC. Before 5 October 1886, but exact date not given. Son of Kitt Carson.
Garvey infant of Mrs. Ben 5 Aug 1883, p 1 infant At Gainesville. Mother accidentally overdosed baby with belladonna.
Dodd Millie 7 Oct 1885 11 Oct 1885, p 5 infant Daughter of Thomas W. Dodd, attorney for the Mexican National RR. Died and was buried in Laredo, Wed., 7 Oct.
Drace 24 Oct 1891, p 7 infant Infant daughter of Mr. Drace. At Oakville. Had been sick several weeks.
Dunn infant of P. F. 3 Oct 1891 9 Oct 1891, p 5 infant Daughter.
Feely infant 21 Apr 1902 25 Apr 1902, p 5 infant Son of Pat Feely, buried the same day in the Catholic Cemetery.
Fitzsimmons 29 Apr 1892 6 May 1892, p 5 infant Infant son of W. H. Fitzsimmons, funeral May 5.