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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
Abrigo Antonio 21 Feb 1885 22 Feb 1885, p 5 In Brownsville jail. Shot by sheriff during arrest for stealing horses.
Abrigo Louis 3 Nov 1893, p 3 News item from San Diego, Texas, October 27.: "… a Mexican in the employ of E. Morris, had hemorrhage of the lungs while on his horse at the well and fell off dead."
Acebo Jose 8 Apr 1899 14 Apr 1899, p 5 In CC. Born in Lloredo, Santander Province, Spain, in 1854. Came to US when 14 years old. Lived in CC since 1873. Elected alderman of the 5th ward in 1882. In 1876, married Annie Kelly. Children: Mamie, John, Joe, Rosa, Alfonso, Demas, Leenore, Floyd, Raymond, Francis.
Acebo Jose 21 Apr 1899, p 8 "In Memoriam"
Acebo Lieutenant Leonardo 24 Feb 1899, p 5 " …, of the Royal Spanish army, a brother of Mr. Jose Acebo, of this city, died on board the steamship San Francisco while enroute home to see his mother."
Adame Emilio 23 Nov 1901 29 Nov 1901, p 6 A news item from Alice, Texas: "One day last week Manuel Escobar Saenz, of Santa Cruz, who has been demented for some months, disemboweled Emilio Adame, while the latter was carrying a coil of wire on his head. The fearful work was done with a pocket- knife. The walls of the abdomen were not only laid open for several inches just below the navel but the intestines were badly cut. "Dr. Layton, of Alice, was summoned and did all he could for the wounded man, but to no avail, as he died last Saturday. "The officers were notified of the occurrence and at once went after Saenz and brought him to town. Legal steps were at once instituted, and a jury pronounced him insane. He is now an inmate of the county jail, awaiting the action of the asylum management as to his admission to that institution. "The unfortunate victim in the tragedy left a family of nine children, eight of whom are girls, in very poor circumstances."
Adriano Guadalupe 21 Feb 1898 25 Feb 1898, p 5 Bled to death after accidentally shot while out hunting with friends near the Oso.
Ahlers (Officer) 7 Aug 1893 11 Aug 1893, p 1 Died in Victoria while trying to arrest a man who had stabbed another man. Had a wife and 2 children.
Alexander John B. 11 Dec 1903, p 4 Death reported in the Laredo paper: "…brother-in-law of W. H. Adams. Mr. Alexander was stricken with paralysis last Friday night at Balafox, near the coal mines."
Allen George 25 Feb 1893 3 Mar 1893, p 6 News item from Houston, Texas, Feb. 25: "This afternoon George Allen, who for many years has been one of the train dispatchers on the Southern Pacific, walked into Callahan's saloon and called for a lemonade. Into this he put a large quantity of morphine and drank it down. He then went into the back room, sat down and fell into his death sleep. When noticed an hour later he was beyond resuscitation. A year ago he made an unsuccessful attempt at self-destruction. His relatives reside in Hamilton, Ont."
Alley Mrs. W. W. 1 Feb 1892 5 Feb 1892, p 6 At her home in Alice, TX. Father: Mr. J. H. Jones, of Jamesport, Mo. Buried in Mo. She was the wife of the Texas-Mexican express agent in Alice.
Alvarez Teresa & Teodora 9 Aug 1885 16 Aug 1885, p 8 Drowned while bathing in river near Ramereno ranch two miles above Browns- ville. Also, drowned with them was Inez Beistero. Teresa was 18 and only her body was recovered. The other two were 14 years old, bodies not found.
Amandas Juan 19 Jun 1893 30 Jun 1893, p 7 News item from Ramirena, Texas, June 22: "…was killed Monday by a tree falling on him while he was cutting it down."
Anderson Joseph 11 Nov 1883, p 1 Died at Chihuahua; suicide by laudanum. Ex-postmaster from Big Springs.
Arellano Jose 24 Feb 1893, p 1
Arispe Fidel 21 Jun 1893 30 Jun 1893, p 7 News item from San Diego, Texas, June 23: "Reports from the country state that Mr. Fidel Arispe, late of Webb county, shot and killed himself on the 21st. The shooting took place at the La Jarita ranch. The reason of his taking this way of causing a funeral is not known, but unrequited love is the supposition."
Armstrong Mollie Durst 25 Dec 1897 31 Dec 1897, p 6 In Austin. Husband: John B. Armstrong.
Arnell T. J. 20 Jan 1899, p 3 News item from Refugio. T. J. Arnell was shot and killed by his stepson, Eric Perry, age 17. Shot with a 32-calibre Winchester. The article explains how Arnell first came at Perry with the rifle aimed at Perry. Perry turned it around towards Arnell during the struggle and the gun went off, "causing almost instant death."
Atkins Emmett 23 Oct 1893 27 Oct 1893, p 7 News item from Beeville. Suicide by morphine. Son of J. B. Atkins. Died at their ranch 8 miles from Beeville.
Atkinson 3 Aug 1886 8 Aug 1886, p 4 Rockport. Father of U. N. Atkinson, of Rockport.
Aubrey Carlos 12 Jun 1891 13 Jun 1891, p 7 In the City of Mexico. Committed suicide by poisoning himself after he lost $210. Aubrey was the Mexican National railroad express messenger.
Augland Mr. & Mrs. D. 19 Jul 1885, p 8 At Wills Point in Zandt Co. Both committed suicide 5 days apart after boys teased the Italians and played tricks on them and lead them to believe they would murder them. The older couple did not speak English very well. Lengthy story.
Autrey John 13 Nov 1891, p 7 " … killed on a train near Monterrey, Mex. He was walking on top of a freight car, and presumably, fell in between them."
Avelos Antonio 12 Sep 1902, p 5 "…, a well known Mexican laborer, was found dead in the Sidbury lumber yard last Saturday morning by Mr. T. J. Noakes. Deceased was a hard drinker, and it is supposed he died from the effects of an overdose of alcohol. When found he had been dead for over 24 hours."
Avilla Ramon Jul 1892 29 Jul 1892, p 8 News item from Laredo, Texas: "Mr. F. S. Ulmer, who owns half interest in the large lumber business of Cameron and Ulmer, discovered a thief carrying off lumber from his yard, and hailing him twice fired at him four times with a pistol with the effect of killing a Mexican by the name of Ramon Avilla. Mr. Ulmer had his examining trial today and was released on a nominal bond of $100."