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Surname First_name Date_of_Event Date_Published Age Combined_description
Abrigo Antonio 21 Feb 1885 22 Feb 1885, p 5 In Brownsville jail. Shot by sheriff during arrest for stealing horses.
Abrigo Louis 3 Nov 1893, p 3 News item from San Diego, Texas, October 27.: "… a Mexican in the employ of E. Morris, had hemorrhage of the lungs while on his horse at the well and fell off dead."
Acebo Jose 8 Apr 1899 14 Apr 1899, p 5 In CC. Born in Lloredo, Santander Province, Spain, in 1854. Came to US when 14 years old. Lived in CC since 1873. Elected alderman of the 5th ward in 1882. In 1876, married Annie Kelly. Children: Mamie, John, Joe, Rosa, Alfonso, Demas, Leenore, Floyd, Raymond, Francis.
Acebo Jose 21 Apr 1899, p 8 "In Memoriam"
Acebo Lieutenant Leonardo 24 Feb 1899, p 5 " …, of the Royal Spanish army, a brother of Mr. Jose Acebo, of this city, died on board the steamship San Francisco while enroute home to see his mother."
Adame Emilio 23 Nov 1901 29 Nov 1901, p 6 A news item from Alice, Texas: "One day last week Manuel Escobar Saenz, of Santa Cruz, who has been demented for some months, disemboweled Emilio Adame, while the latter was carrying a coil of wire on his head. The fearful work was done with a pocket- knife. The walls of the abdomen were not only laid open for several inches just below the navel but the intestines were badly cut. "Dr. Layton, of Alice, was summoned and did all he could for the wounded man, but to no avail, as he died last Saturday. "The officers were notified of the occurrence and at once went after Saenz and brought him to town. Legal steps were at once instituted, and a jury pronounced him insane. He is now an inmate of the county jail, awaiting the action of the asylum management as to his admission to that institution. "The unfortunate victim in the tragedy left a family of nine children, eight of whom are girls, in very poor circumstances."
Adams Harry 28 Mar 1888 24 Mar 1888, p 5 39y At Tecolote ranch, Nueces county, Texas. Brother of Mrs. T. C. Wright, of Oak ranch, and of William and Robert Adams. Born in Littleport, Cambridgeshire, England, 1849. Came to Texas with his parents in 1851. A resident of Nueces county for 36 years. Buried in Collins.
Adams Jasper Thomas 2 Dec 1887 10 Dec 1887, p 5 16y 9m 22d Nueces County, at his parent's home. Son of Wm. Adams.
Adriano Guadalupe 21 Feb 1898 25 Feb 1898, p 5 Bled to death after accidentally shot while out hunting with friends near the Oso.
Ahlers (Officer) 7 Aug 1893 11 Aug 1893, p 1 Died in Victoria while trying to arrest a man who had stabbed another man. Had a wife and 2 children.
Albertson John "Bud" 10 Apr 1899 14 Apr 1899, p 5 40y In CC, found dead in bed from heart failure. Left a mother, 3 sisters: Mrs. A. E. Weeks, Mrs. James E. Ellis, Mrs. E. S. Taylor. Brother was Andy Anderson.
Aledesmo Ponelano 13 Jun 1883 1 Jul 1883, p 5 "aged" In Huntsville penitentiary, of "congestion of the brain", serving 5 years for horse stealing
Alexander John B. 11 Dec 1903, p 4 Death reported in the Laredo paper: "…brother-in-law of W. H. Adams. Mr. Alexander was stricken with paralysis last Friday night at Balafox, near the coal mines."
Allen Alexander Trowbridge 12 Feb 1898 18 Feb 1898, p 6 47y In Laredo, of consumption. Brother to Mrs. Juan V. Benavides. Episcopalian. Had been living in Laredo with his sister since becoming ill. Member of hook and ladder company in CC at one time then moved to Duval county.
Allen George 23 Nov 1884 30 Nov 1884, p 5 73y At Allendale, near Rockport. Leg had been amputated the week before due to cancer.
Allen George 25 Feb 1893 3 Mar 1893, p 6 News item from Houston, Texas, Feb. 25: "This afternoon George Allen, who for many years has been one of the train dispatchers on the Southern Pacific, walked into Callahan's saloon and called for a lemonade. Into this he put a large quantity of morphine and drank it down. He then went into the back room, sat down and fell into his death sleep. When noticed an hour later he was beyond resuscitation. A year ago he made an unsuccessful attempt at self-destruction. His relatives reside in Hamilton, Ont."
Allen John Howard 27 Apr 1898 29 Apr 1898, p 1 99y In Victoria, Texas, at the home of his son, W. H. Allen. Graduated from West Point. In 1865, he came to Texas, where his wife died in 1882.
Alley Mrs. W. W. 1 Feb 1892 5 Feb 1892, p 6 At her home in Alice, TX. Father: Mr. J. H. Jones, of Jamesport, Mo. Buried in Mo. She was the wife of the Texas-Mexican express agent in Alice.
Alvarez Teresa & Teodora 9 Aug 1885 16 Aug 1885, p 8 Drowned while bathing in river near Ramereno ranch two miles above Browns- ville. Also, drowned with them was Inez Beistero. Teresa was 18 and only her body was recovered. The other two were 14 years old, bodies not found.
Amandas Juan 19 Jun 1893 30 Jun 1893, p 7 News item from Ramirena, Texas, June 22: "…was killed Monday by a tree falling on him while he was cutting it down."
Ammons I. B. "Rocky" 7 Feb 1901 22 Feb 1901, p 7 74y Died at the home of Jake Holerman, near Oakville. Well known in Beeville. Wife had died in 1893. Born in Simpson County, North Carolina, August, 1826. Veteran of Mexican War, 1846, 13th US Infantry. Married Mary Ann Cunningham in Claiborne parish, Louisiana. During Civil war, was member of 3rd Texas cavalry.
Anderson Charles 31 Octr 1888 3 Nov 1888, p 5 31y 3m 29d In CC, of typhoid fever. Had been sick for twelve days. Born in CC. Son of Capt. John Anderson. Deceased was the Captain of a schooner named Two Brothers. Left a wife, no mention of children but had brothers and sisters.
Anderson Hannah 17 Jun 1886 20 Jun 1886, p 5 61y 2m 15d In CC, of dysentery. Wife of Capt. John Anderson. "Mrs. Anderson was a native of Pottsville, Pa., moved to New Orleans in 1844 and was married to a Mr. Yung the following year. In 1846 she lost her husband and in 1851 she married Capt. John Anderson. In 1853 the family came to Corpus Christi. Mrs. Anderson was a member of the Methodist church from which house funeral took place Thursday evening. She leaves a sorrow-stricken husband and seven children - five sons and two daughters, Mr. Yung, the city clerk, being the eldest - to mourn her death."
Anderson John P., Jr. 28 May 1899 2 Jun 1899, p 5 12y 9m 19d In CC. Woke from a nap with pain in his back, cause unknown. Catholic church. Grandfather: Sam Shoemaker.
Anderson Joseph 11 Nov 1883, p 1 Died at Chihuahua; suicide by laudanum. Ex-postmaster from Big Springs.